Crochet Kindle Sleeve With A Pickled Gherkin Jar Design


A pickled gherkin crochet kindle sleeve to preserve your kindle like new.

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This pickled gherkin crochet kindle sleeve is perfect for preserving your e-reader.

The crochet cover is made with 100% cotton in beige, green, pink and lemon.

It has a natural padding due to the double crochet stitch used. This crochet kindle sleeve is ideal for carrying your kindle and protecting it from unwanted scratches whilst in your bag. In addition it has a little loop and crochet button to keep your e-reader safe and secure inside the cover.

This is one of a kind therefore only one available of Gertrude the gherkin kindle sleeve. So do not get in a pickle about wether to treat yourself. Simply make it yours as soon as you can,

Size 8 inches x 5.5 inches suitable for all kindle paperwhites 20.32 cm x 13. 97 cm

Machine washable on a 30 wash cycle and for best results air dry flat.

Please note the kindle is not included. The listing is for the kindle sleeve only.

Thank you for your interest.


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