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Welcome to Nitcraft, the home of unique knit, crochet and collage. . .


  It all began when I was 8 years old, many moons ago! My Mum had given me a pair of bright pink plastic knitting needles to teach me to knit. I thought the wool knitted itself into a jumper!!! Needless to say the fact it did not, got the better of me and I never picked up the needles again untill years later when I had children and a household to budget…  


I was taken by surprise that I could knit sweaters and wanted to go one step better so my sons would feel like the Bees Knees whenever they wore them. I experimented with swiss darning designs onto the knitwear. The boys loved them and use to feel extra special as no one had the same as them…  


I am self taught at crochet and have made many a crochet baby blanket over the years to give as gifts to friends and loved ones as they have started their families. It was always a special moment for me to see the smile on their face when opening the gift. Thats priceless! I love what I do, from sourcing the wool, deciding on the design, to the making and the finnished product! I specialise in unique crochet baby blankets with a designed collaged picture on…   They are delightfully individual as only one of each design is made.


The process begins with a wild imagination, pencil and paper to sketch the design. The colours are then chosen and the crochet begins! To put the drawn design onto the blanket I use knit ,crochet and also swiss darning and it is like watching a painting develop. I do not use any knit or crochet patterns and enjoy the challenge of working out how to convey the drawing into collage. Its great fun! I also love the feel good factor of knowing that when a customer purchases a picture blanket to give as a gift, I can imagine the smile on the recipients face………   How lovely is that!  


If you have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition please contact me for I will help turn it into a reality for you.  



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